Asset Management Programs

For many different reasons companies may need to perform moves, adds and changes (MACs) for their communications hardware. Often these MACs are the result of growth, downsizing or consolidation. The cost of managing the logistics associated with these MACs can be substantial. ReLogisTechs LLC offers asset management services to help companies reduce the cost of maintaining this complex logistics process.

Asset Management Solutions

Full-Circle Asset Management Solution Service Detail:

Coordinate Inbound Logistics to our warehouse.

Inventory your assets.

Provide detailed reports for each shipment.

Upload inventory to your personal, password protected website.

Recondition or refurbish and prepare it for re-use.

Ship items from your inventory to sites experiencing growth or in need of upgrades.

Analyze inventory usage and make recommendations regarding keep levels for each item.

Upon acceptance of keep-level recommendations, we remarket your assets through our established customer channels.

This will help you generate maximum revenues for otherwise depreciating assets.

The sale of these assets can be accomplished under a consignment or cash purchase agreement.

Environmentally compliant disposal of obsolete or unmarketable equipment.